Amai Odayaka is a canon character who attends Akademi High School and the 2nd rival. She is the president of the Cooking Club.

Description Edit

"Amai is the president of the school's cooking club. Her culinary skills are far beyond her age, and nothing makes her happier than seeing people enjoy the food that she has prepared.

Amai will be absent from school during the first week of gameplay, but she will meet Senpai immediately after the events of Week 1, at a point in time when Senpai is feeling sad and vulnerable. She will quickly forge a bond with him, during a point in time when Senpai deeply needs a new friend.

With her kind and caring nature, it's easy to see how Senpai could easily fall for her within a week's time. If nobody stands in her way, Senpai will belong to her in no time at all. Remember: the fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach!"

Appearance Edit

Amai has light brown hair that reaches just above her shoulders. Her eyes are mint green. She wears the default uniform with a mint green apron and the Red Armband of Leadership with a drawing of a cupcake on her upper left arm. She wears mint green and white striped stockings. She also wears a mint green headdress in her hair.

Personality Edit

YandereDev has stated that he imagines Amai to be a warm, gentle and kind-hearted girl. She is somewhat of an older sister or "onee-chan" type of character. Her profile on the official website states that she is sweet and gentle.

Relationships Edit

Taro Yamada Edit

Due to being a future rival, Amai has a crush on Senpai and will confess to him on the Friday of her week. If she were to enter a relationship with Senpai, she would convince him to join the Cooking Club.

Suitor Edit

In the future, the player will be able to matchmake Amai with her suitor.

Trivia Edit

  • Until Amai is implemented, a placeholder club leader will take her place in the Cooking Club.
  • Her first name when translated means "sweet" and her last name means "gentle" and "calm".
    • Druelbozo joked that her named would be the Japanese equivalent of "Sweet muffin", which is Amai Mafin. This ended up being partially true, as her name stayed as Amai.
  • YandereDev has stated that the reason she is absent for the first week of school is because she was sick.