Hoshiko Mizudori is a canon character who attends Akademi High School.

Appearance Edit

Hoshiko has blonde hair that is tied into a high side ponytail which fades into turquoise at the end. She also has turquoise and green streaks in her bangs. Her eyes are green and she has a fake tan. She wears loose stockings. Her skirt is shorter than every other female student. She wears one blue earring in each ear, as well as blue and green scrunchies on her wrists, a light green sweater around her waist, and a green star hair clip. Her bust size is 1.1 and she wears green nail polish. She carries a green book bag.

Personality Edit

Hoshiko is a Phone Addict. If Ayano tries to take a picture of her without being in the Photography Club, she will strike a cute pose. If she discovers a corpse or witnesses murder, she will take a picture of it and send it to the police while running out of the school.

Hoshiko is part of a clique of bullies, which means that she will bully students with low reputation, write abusive statements on their desks, and talk behind other people's backs. She will smile when approached by Ayano if she has a high reputation, however, she will frown if she has a low reputation.

Hoshiko's student profile states that she pretends to be a positive person, however she will only say negative things about other students. She runs a hate blog on the internet.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name in English translates to "cyan star".
  • Hoshiko is the newest member of the bullies. She is also the cruelest in the clique.