Kaga Kusha is a canon character who attends Akademi High School. He has not been implemented into the game yet.

Description Edit

"Kaga is the most intelligent - and most eccentric - student in Akademi High. He was reading by age 2, writing by age 4, could speak multiple languages by age 6, demonstrated a genius-level IQ by age 8, and passed multiple college-level proficiency tests before age 10. Despite his genius, he is not a well-liked figure at Akademi High; he is prone to extremely bizarre behavior and frequently expresses thoughts that frighten and concern the people around him.

He will openly speak of his aspirations for "world domination" to anyone that is willing to listen, although he refuses to divulge the specifics of his master plan. It is common knowledge that he has a deep obsession with Saikou Corporation, the most powerful business conglomerate in Japan. He has openly stated that he fully intends to become the CEO of Saikou Corp as soon as possible - but he never divulges how he intends to do so. Additionally, he also seems to be obsessed with the concept of constructing a giant robot.

He could have easily gotten into a top university, but instead chose to enroll in Akademi High School, stating that it is "the first step" towards his ultimate ambitions. Many students have observed him studying the school's Student Council President, Megami Saikou, in a way that borders on stalking. His behavior can only be tolerated by other individuals who are almost as eccentric as he is, and so his club has come to be populated almost entirely by Akademi High's most unusual students."

Appearance Edit

Kaga has messy silver hair. His eyes are light blue, and he wears the Science Club visor over his left eye. He also wears the default male uniform, a white lab coat and yellow gloves, along with the red armband of leadership with a beaker on it.

Trivia Edit

  • Kaga's name means 'scientist' in Japanese.

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