Kuroko Kamenaga is a canon character who attends Akademi High School.

Appearance Edit

Kuroko has long black hair with bangs that become shorter in the middle. Her eyes are dark blue. She wears black glasses with a chain attached to the arms. She also wears the Student Council uniform, which is a white version of uniform five, along with long brown stockings, round black earrings, and the Red Armband of Leadership with Japanese text on it.

Personality Edit

Kuroko has the Dangerous persona. She will push Ayano away if she gets too close. If she witnesses murder or discovers Ayano with a corpse, she will run up to her, spray her with pepper spray, then restrain her. If Ayano attempts to attack her without using stealth, she will pepper spray her.

Kuroko is known for being formal at all times. She uses diplomacy to solve problems involving other students. It is rumored that she dislikes Megami Saikou because she won the last Student Council election.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name basically translates to "black turtle" in English.
  • Her student profile states that before Megami, she was the Student Council president. Currently, she is the vice president and substitutes for Megami when she is not at school.