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This OC belongs to Redandsymmetry. Please do not use it without asking his permission!

Masato Aoyama is an OC created by Redandsymmetry.

Appearance Edit

Masato has dyed white hair in the same style as Daku Atsu. His eyes are dark brown. He wears male Uniform #3 and the Art Club uniform and accessory when in the Art Club.

Personality Edit

Masato is Evil. He will make an annoyed expression and cover his face if a camera is pointed at him. If he witnesses murder, he will congratulate the murderer and then run out of school grounds to avoid becoming an accomplice of the murderer.

Relationships Edit

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Fanon Edit

Redandsymmetry's OCs Edit

Katsuo Aoyama - One of Masato's two brothers. Katsuo is the oldest brother.

Hideki Aoyama - Masato's other brother. Hideki is the second oldest brother.

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Task Edit

Masato's task is to find his paintbrush. It can be located on his brother Katsuo's desk in Classroom 3-2.

Trivia Edit

  • Masato is the youngest of the Aoyama triplets
  • Masato likes Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, and twenty one pilots

Credit Edit

  • Portrait by Homozygosis