Mida Rana is a canon character who works at Akademi High School and the 7th rival. She is a substitute teacher, and has not been implemented yet.

Description Edit

"Mida is a substitute teacher who absolutely loves her job; there is nothing that she enjoys more than having dozens of eyes all directed towards her...especially if those eyes belong to teenage boys.

Mida will appear at school in the seventh week of gameplay in order to fill in for an unavailable teacher. She will quickly begin hunting for new "prey", and Senpai will catch her attention.

Her hobby is seducing schoolboys, and so far, no man has ever been able to resist her charms. If she decides that she wants someone, they have no hope of escape. Senpai won't be able to escape her clutches unless someone takes drastic measures..."

Appearance Edit

Mida has brown hair that is tied into a ponytail. Her eyes are brown as well. She wears a tight black jacket with her lacy red bra peeking out. Her skirt is short and red, with a black garter belt connecting to her black stockings. Her heels are red as well.

YandereDev imagines her to be the tallest rival.

Personality Edit

Due to being a part of the Faculty, she will be Strict and will have extensive self-defense training.

She will be sultry and seductive, and will make intentional sexual innuendos.

Relationships Edit

Taro Yamada Edit

Since Mida is a rival, she will fall for Taro during her week. Entering a relationship with Mida, however, would be very difficult for Taro. If they were to get together, Taro would get a job in an academic institution in the future.

Suitor Edit

When she is implemented as a rival, Ayano will be able to matchmake Mida with her suitor. Her suitor could be a student or another Faculty member.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to being a substitute, she will disappear after her week is over if she is peacefully eliminated.
    • It is possible for there to be a reason for Mida to be able to stay in the future.
  • Mida's name when translated means 'indecent' and 'lustful'.
  • YandereDev said that Mida may leave a note for Taro in his locker, change into a comically undersized schoolgirl uniform, and confess her love in an extremely exaggerated "schoolgirl confessing to Senpai" act.
  • Mida will not have a reputation stat, but instead a 'job performance' stat. This will be lowered in ways other than gossip.