Shima Shita is a canon character who attends Akademi High School.

Appearance Edit

Shima has short orange hair and an ahoge sticking out at the top. Her eyes are orange as well. She wears the default uniform unless customized by the player, along with a headband with Japanese text on it while the Martial Arts Club is active. While inside of the Martial Arts Club, she wears a gi. Her bust size is 1.

Personality Edit

Shima has the Heroic persona. If Ayano points a camera at her face, she will give her a suspicious look. If she witnesses murder, she will chase Ayano and attempt to apprehend her. If she discovers a corpse, she will report it to her teacher, then cower in her classroom.

Trivia Edit

  • Shima is an apprentice level disciple of Budo Masuta.
  • Outside of the rainbow six girls, Shima is the only student who has had a name change in the game.
  • Shima's previous hairstyle was also used in the Cirno Mode Easter Egg.
  • Before the February 15th, 2016 Build, her name was Shi Ta.
  • Her male counterpart is Juku Ren.