Uekiya Engeika is a canon character who attends Akademi High School. She has only been partially implemented.

Description Edit

"Uekiya is known throughout the school for her kind and caring nature. She cannot resist helping others in need, and is always trying to make everyone around her feel as comfortable as possible. She has been nicknamed "Everyone's Big Sister" for doting on her classmates as if she was a loving family member.

Uekiya's strongest passion is undeniably gardening. She sees infinite beauty in flowers, and takes great pleasure in growing them, arranging them, and sharing them with others. She has also proven herself to be an adept landscape artist. A career in horticulture is undoubtedly in her future.

If she's certain that there is nobody in her vicinity who needs her help, then Uekiya can always be found in the Gardening Club, tending to her various plants, which she sometimes refers to as her "children". As the president of the club, she is always delighted to assist others in developing their own gardening skills."

Appearance Edit

Uekiya has long brown hair in two wavy pigtails in the front and a bun in the back. Her eyes are light hazel. She wears the default female uniform regardless of customization, along with a red club leader armband with Japanese symbols on it. She also wears a flower crown made up of pink flowers, with the middle one being yellow fading into pink. She has green gardening gloves.

Trivia Edit

  • If neither Ayano or any of the rivals were to end up with Senpai, she would likely be dating him.
  • Uekiya and Miyuji are the only female club leaders who are not rivals.

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